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There is plenty of usefull information here. You must check before you travel Tokyo! We have information center or counter in Narita Airport and Tokyo area. If you lost your way, our staff would be there for you! Please find them also.
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Sightseeing Spot


 One of the major sightseeing spots in Tokyo. There are many national museums and a national zoo in Ueno. You can enjoy the beautiful cherry bolossom in Spring at Ueno Park. Ameyoko Street is good for shopping.

 Yanaka is nowadays popular for many young people and foreigners, where you can feel the old time of Tokyo. If you wish to see 80's of Tokyo, you must visit here. ‘Yu-yake Dandan’ provides the special opportunity which you cannot see in other area.
There is a fabric street also at the opposite side of Nippori station.

 Shibamata is very famous for the old Japanese movie ‘Otoko wa tsuraiyo’‚it's tough being a MAN.

 Very famous Skytree is in Oshiage. From TOMBO GALLERIA at 450m high, you can see the whole Tokyo or even Mount Fuji.

 One of the most famous temples in Japan, 'Narita-san Shinjou-ji temple'is in Narita. Around 3million people visit there in every New Year season. Narita city is also famous for eel dishes. You can smell the wonderful flavor of eel when you walk through the approach.

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